Stay warm with this “cool” ensemble….getting both faahion and function with just one punch…the hard butch leather jackey is softened by the knitted sweater with subtle knit detailing….
Paired with with black semi-fit pants adds to the butchness of the look without taking away from the functionality of the outfit…
Finish the look with non slip sneakers for an added touch plus decreasing your chances of slipping…

For a personal touch…you may add a cashmere/wool scarf for added warmth or maybe a leather/faux fur trapper hat for heavy snowfall days..


Don’t wear heavy boots….it may seem to look good…but the heavy boots would likely slow you down, decreasing mobility….you want to get out of the cold stat, while looking hot, of course…

The claasic offsets of black and white but with a twist on the silhouttes of the pieces create a modern yet recognizable vibe…
You can simply imagine throwing this ensemble on a snowy day and it would both blend in and contrast it….
The jacket is a definite must have for fall and winter….but it would not last long in the rainy streets of cagayan de oro

This is so great when you’re plannin to chill with friends on a rainy and chilly day…..but i might opt for a more waterproof headgear….maybe a trapper hat or something like that….

On the menu tonight:

Pork & Beans
Filipino style….

Want the recipe?
Just ask….hehehehehehehe

Saw these babies at the sperry store at a mall yesterday….
Now i know photographing store items are highly discouraged (do not know why exactly..please, will someone tell me….?) Inside the mall but i just couldn’t help myself….there so cute…..

from signor Valentino.. a great classic look, bump up with modern tailoring…the plaid has been used so many times by different designers, specially during fall/winter seasons, but this one just takes the cake for me…contrasting the lines of the material along the sleeves adds a different dynamic to the piece, making it fresh and hot….:3

ohhhh…what a cute beanie from Gucci!!!!!!!!
keeping your head warm in a cold weather, in a very cute way… <3

ohhhh…what a cute beanie from Gucci!!!!!!!!

keeping your head warm in a cold weather, in a very cute way… <3

:3 another great one from Versace…i love the Colors and the material…fit for winter yet hot enough to flaunt…<3

Winter: It’s Gonna Be Cold But Why Not Look HOT!?

it may not snow here in the tropics…but…i assure you, the wet season is as cold as your western winter…therefore…we gotta stock up on some H-O-T ensembles to keep ourselves snug and warm during these long cold nights…

got any ideas on what you should wear? share it!

much love’

the chub :3

i have been this site (not tumblr) for a while now and i was lucky enough to meet this guy…well, personally unfortunately…

guys…meet KC Lee Park, a dude from Iligan City

he’s 23…and has a very great fashion sense of which i resonated with…his style is basically a laid back, a cool street style yet polished, nuanced to a modern perspective on masculinity…

and he’s cute, so there’s that…

the topmost photo is my fave…it shows of the raw masculinity a guy should posses but with style…

credits: photos (kc)



and i just realized that now…’s time to accept that pain..and use it to move on…

my life will never stop because of one heartbreak…it might slow me down…but that just gives me time to think..

now..get ready bitches…because…


early wishlist

my birthday is coming up…so a wishlist is a must..although it won’t be totally fulfilled, it is still nice to feel that you have something to look forward too….


much love, 

chubby.. :3